Costs of Selling Your Business
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Selling a business is a multifaceted journey that goes beyond a simple exchange of keys and a deposited check. To avoid financial surprises during this process, it’s crucial to delve into the intricacies of the costs involved.

Here, we explore the various expenses associated with selling your business, shedding light on each aspect to empower you with a comprehensive understanding.

1. Broker’s Success Fee:  A Pivotal Investment in Your Business Transition

The predominant expense in selling your business is often the success fee paid to your business broker. In the realm of Main Street business sales, where the enterprise value is less than $1 million, success fees typically range from 8% to 12%.

Beyond the million-dollar threshold, brokers often adopt a graduated percentage scale, a customary practice in the Lower Middle Market (businesses with annual sales between $2 million and $20 million). This ensures that, as the sales price increases, the effective percentage decreases. For instance, while the fee on a $1 million sale might be 10%, it may drop to around 5% on an $8 million sale.

2. Transaction Attorney Fees: Safeguarding the Legal Facets of Your Deal

Attorney’s fees constitute a variable element, ranging from under $3,000 for straightforward transactions to over $20,000 for complex deals where both buyer and seller retain counsel. When acting as an escrow agent, the attorney ensures the correct closure of the transaction, functioning more as a referee than a coach.

It’s crucial, especially in seller financing scenarios, to have competent legal representation. Late or missed payments, beyond 21 days, warrant attorney involvement, often aiding in resolving payment hiccups.

3. Lease-Related Fees: Navigating Landlord Dynamics with Finesse

Dealing with landlords during a business transfer can be intricate. Landlords, holding a powerful position, value predictability in rent payments. A seller with a consistent payment track record is more appealing to landlords than a buyer with an unknown financial history. Lease assignments, with potential transfer fees ranging from $1,500 to five figures, must be navigated with care. Landlords may sometimes opt to terminate the seller’s lease and initiate a new one with the buyer, introducing the possibility of termination fees equivalent to several months’ lease payments.

4. Early Termination Fees: Unraveling Debt Obligations in the Sales Process

Early termination fees, stemming from business debts like equipment leases or loans, can be unforeseen challenges. It’s crucial to scrutinize all financial obligations during the business sale preparation, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of potential fees associated with a change in ownership.

5. Franchise Transfer Fees: Illuminating Financial Responsibilities in Franchise Sales

For businesses operating under a franchise model, comprehending transfer fees and renewal costs is paramount. Sellers must communicate not only the outlined franchise renewal fee but also the renewal timeline. Transparent disclosure of these fees empowers both buyers and sellers in navigating the financial intricacies of franchise-related costs.

6. Local Transfer Taxes: Navigating State-Specific Financial Landscapes

State laws on transfer taxes vary, adding a layer of complexity. Checking with the state’s tax commissioner’s office is wise, ensuring an understanding of potential transfer taxes, regardless of the inclusion of real property.

In Closing – When Selling A Business:

The cost to sell a business encompasses numerous fees that may not be immediately apparent. A Certified exit planning advisor ensures a detailed breakdown of these costs, offering transparency from the initial discussions to the closing table. Understanding the impact of various fees on your final proceeds is pivotal.

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